Corey Hill

Corey Hill

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First Name * Corey
Last Name * Hill
Username * CoreyHill
City SF
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Freelance Environment Artist
Current Company Freelance
Areas of Expertise environment design.Environment Art3D ModelingTexturingLightingUnreal Engine
Preferred Tools Unreal EngineMaya 2016Marmoset ToolbagUVLayoutSubstance PainterSubstance Designer


Availability: Full time
Twitter @CoreyThe_Artist
Phone number 951-331-8066


  • Academy of Art University Bachelor's Degree in Game Development


My name is Corey Hill and my one true passion in life is to create video games that bring pure joy to others. Laughter, sadness, and emotional heartstrings being tugged; these are some important values I try to embody with each piece I create. A constant pursuit of knowledge is another value that I wish to have as well in any place in life I choose to work. And the ability to pursue and learn from everyone around me is important to me as well. I love receiving and providing critique and working with teams in high-stress situations and being able to come out on the other side with lessons learned and memories made. No matter what company I have the honor of working at I want to be a valued team member who remains both humble and successful while being able to listen to others and provide a fruitful working environment.


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